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Shelf NumberCourseItem #1Item #2Item #3Item #4
A02 PHYS141/151 Levels Rulers and Protractors Hooke's Law - Springs  
A03 PHYS141/151 Gold Air Track Giders Photogate Power Supplies Weight Hangers  
A04 PHYS141/151 Red Air Track Gliders Blue Air Track Gliders   
A05 PHYS141/151 Double Post Clamps Extension Clamps Torque Lab - Wedges  
A06 PHYS141/151 Force Lab - Tables Plastic Containers   
A08 PHYS141/151 Photogate Timers    
A10 PHYS141/151 Torque Lab: Knife Edge Supports Archimedes Lab: Weights, Wooden Blocks Archimedes Lab: Vernier Calipers   
A09 PHYS141/151 Cons. of Energy Lab: Hoses, Metal Plates, Lighters, String Force Lab-Pulleys Force Lab-Pulleys, Wheels, String Misc. Springs 
A11 PHYS141/151 Wave Resonance Lab: Tuning Forks Wave Resonance Lab: Rubber Mallets   
A12 PHYS141/151 Force Lab: Tables Yellow Containers   
B03 PHYS141/151 - Extra Hooke's Lab Spring Scales Centripetal Force Apparatus Extra Buoyancy Parts 
B04 PHYS141/151 - Extra Rotational Motion 1/2 Rotational Motion 2/2 Micrometers  
B05 PHYS141/151 - Extra Motor Driven Rotators    
B06 PHYS141/151 - Extra Force Lab - Table Supports    
B09 PHYS141/151 - Extra Rotational Inertia Wheels    
B10 PHYS141/151 - Extra Clamps, Plumb Bobs, Rubber Stoppers Single, Double, Triple Pulleys Triple Pulleys  
B11 PHYS141/151 - Extra Misc. C - Clamps    
B12 PHYS141/151 Optics Lab Lights    
C02 PHYS142/152 Electric Field Lab: Paper Electric Field Lab: Probes   
C03 PHYS142/152 Electric Field Lab: Tables    
C04 PHYS142/152 Capacitor Boxes Set of Resistors/Capacitors   
C05 PHYS142/152 DC Ammeters    
C06 PHYS142/152 DC Electricity Lab Boards    
D01 PHYS142/152 Two Optics Lab Kits    
D02 PHYS142/152 - Extra Old Galvanometers    
D03 PHYS142/152 - Extra Extra Resistors/Capacitors Variable Resistor/Capacitor Boxes   
D04 PHYS142/152 - Extra Single Pole Switches Double Pole Switches   
D05 PHYS142/152 - Extra Voltmeter Probe Wires Miscellaneous Old Wire   
D06 PHYS142/152 Power Supplies    
D07 PHYS142/152 - Extra Electroscope    
D08 PHYS142/152 - Extra Variable Transformers Stroboscope   
D09 PHYS142/152 - Extra Rotating Motors  Electrical Bread Boards Radiation Kit  
D10 PHYS142/152 - Extra Cenco RLC Circuit Boxes    
D11 PHYS142/152 Dissectible Transformers  Digital Electronics Kits   
D12 PHYS142/152 - Extra Power Supplies Digital Electronics Kits   
E03 PHYS142/152 - Extra Analog Voltmeters    
E04 PHYS142/152 - Extra Power Supplies    
E05 PHYS142/152 - Extra Old Oscilloscopes Old Power Supplies   
E09 PHYS142/152 - Extra Old Analog Function Generators    
E10 PHYS141/253 Motor Driven Rotator Mini-Michelson Morley Air Track End Pieces  
E11 PHYS142/152 - Extra Misc. Lamps Audio Generator Basic Spectrometer  
D22 PHYS142/152 Student Lab Electrical Boxes    
D23 PHYS142/152 Student Lab Electrical Boxes    
D21 PHYS142/152 Student Lab Electrical Boxes    
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