Image Processing Test Movies and Images

    Below are some of my telescope videos and images that you can download in order to practice using the (free) Registax and StarStaX processing programs. The downloaded videos and images are raw unprocessed files directly as captured by cameras. Examples are also shown below as to the results that I got after processing. 

(If you need any of the processing programs, please visit this page to download the latest versions.)

1. Download a Moon Movie (297MB) to practice processing movies in Registax.

2. Download 25 Moon Images (19MB zip file) to practice processing images in Registax.

3. Download a Jupiter Movie (197MB) to practice processing movies in Registax.

4. Download a Mars Movie (194MB) to practice processing movies in Registax.

5. Download 80 Star Images (60MB zip file) to practice making star trails using StarStaX.

6. Download 116 Images of the Michael C. Carlos Museum on the Emory campus (300MB zip file) to practice making star trail images over Buildings.

6. Download 80 Images of the First Presbetyrian Church in downtown Atlanta to practice making star trail images over Buildings in a well lit city.