ASTR116 Fall 2017

Carla Carmona, Roy Chen, Kyle Goggio, Candice He, Maya Jindal, Andrea Rodgriguez, Betty Lee, Adam Leicht, Alex Li, Fentai Li, Kucina Li, Iris Mao, Sean Speck, Smriti Vaidya, Diana Wang, Jonathan Wu, Tony Yang, Huaiyuan Zhang, Sebastian Zhang and Andrew Zhuge

Extra Credit Observing Lab: The Pleaides Star Cluster
 Monday, November 13, 2017 
We photographed the Pleaides Star Cluster from the Oxford College soccer Field

Pleiades Star Cluster Lab Manual

The Pleiades Lab Template Powerpoint File

1. Photo Collections to Make a Star Trails Image from:
Betty, Diana and Kucina Photos
Jonathan, Howard and Fengtai Photos
Smriti and Maya Photos
Candace, Yinzhi and Iris Photos
Carla, Andrea, Sebastian and Roy Photos
Tony and Kyle Photos

2. Use this as your Telescope Photo:

 Tuesday, October 3, 2017 
We photographed the Moon from in front of the Oxford Science Building

Carla + Andrea Photos
Andrew + Fengtai + Tony Photos
Kucina + Sean Photos
John + Howard + Alex Photos
Betty + Diana  Photos
Roy + Sebastian Photos
Candace + Iris Photos
Smriti + Maya Photos

Mayas Photos of Globular Cluster Messier 15

1. The Moon Lab Manual
2. The Moon Lab Template Powerpoint File

 OBSERVING LAB #1: Star Trails and the Constellation Cassiopeia
 Monday, September 18, 2017 
We photographed the constellation Cassiopeia from the Oxford College soccer field

Smriti + Maya + Adam Photos
Fengtai + Tony Photos
Carla + Andrea Photos
Candace + Iris Photos
Betty + Diana + Kyle Photos
Howard + Alex Photos
Roy + Sebastian Photos
Jonathan + Yinzhi Photos

    1. Lab Manual                                                              
2. Constellation Lab Template Powerpoint File
                                                   3. Download the star trail making program StarStax here for PC or MAC

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