ASTR116 Spring 2017 Class Webpage

Prerna Arora, Liliana Cerros, Sean Chandler, Amara Evering, Ben Fertig, Julie Figueroa, Anaca Florimon-Reed, Austin Giles, Ben Gregg, Caleb Hand, Jonathan Huang, Diane Hwang, Jordan Johnson, Ed Lin, Zijian Qiu, Tom Purdy, Michael Rivera, Tongxiao Shen, Tenzin Taklha, Yue Yin and Michael Yun.

EXTRA CREDIT LAB: The Constellation Leo

1. Leo Constellation Lab Manual
2. Powerpoint Template File here

Group 1 Photos  :  Group 2 Photos  :  Group 3 Photos  :  Group 4 Photos

The Orion Constellation Lab

1. Orion Constellation Lab Manual
2. Powerpoint Template File here.

Orion Constellation Photos-1, Photos-2
Ursa Major Constellation Photos

Exoplanet Lab Links...

Lab #4 - The Moon

1. Moon Photo Lab Manual
2. Powerpoint Template File here.

Click on your name below, look at each of your file images, and examine the best one to use in the Moon lab.

Computer Software Needed for ASTR116

Skygazer4.5 Demo**

Planetarium software that is essential to view the night sky.

**Needed for ASTR116**


Download for Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.6

Download for Windows XP, Vista, 7 


Stack .jpg's to make star trails.

**Needed for ASTR116**


Download Windows version
StarStaX .zip file from here: 

Mac OS X version
StarStaX  .dmg file from here: 

**Installation instructions for Skygazer4.5 Demo for Mac OS X users
The Mac OS X version of SkyGazer 4.5 is distributed as a compressed disk image file.
• Download the disk image file.
• Double-click the file's icon to mount the image on your desktop
• Copy the SkyGazer 4.5 folder from the disk image to the Applications folder on your hard drive.
• To un-install, drag the SkyGazer 4.5 folder on your hard drive to the trash.

**Installation instructions for Skygazer4.5 Demo for Windows users

The Windows version of the demo is distributed as a self-extracting installer executable.
• Download the installer executable. Double-click the file's icon.
• Follow the instructions in the installer screen.
• To un-install, go to the Start menu > Programs > Carina Software > SkyGazer 4.5 > Uninstall SkyGazer 4.5, or use the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel.

Astronomy Software Apps That You Need to Download to Your Phone

1. iPhone - SkySafari 5: $2.99 -- Planetarium software to visualize the night sky.
1. Android - SkySafari 4: $2.99 -- Planetarium software to visualize the night sky.

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