ASTR116 Spring 2014 Best Student Photos

In the spring of 2014 we went out observing four different times. 
  1. We began on Feb. 27 by photographing the constellation Orion and making star trail images to see the different colors of stars. 
  2. On March 20 and 21 we observed the Sun through 2 different telescopes, one looked at the photosphere to see sunspots, the other sees the chromosphere to view granules, filaments, prominances and plages. 
  3. Two weeks later, on April 1, we were out again at night and photographed Jupiter and the great Orion nebula. We also took light spectra measurements of two different stars, one hotter and one colder. 
  4. Finally, on the night of April 10, we focussed on photographing the (waxing gibbous) Moon as well as Mars. Here is just a small sample of some of the photos we took.
Late at night on the Oxford Soccer field.

Star Trails of Orion by Bb (2/27/14)

The Chromosphere of the Sun by Daniel (3/20/14)

Jupiter w/o Great Red Spot (4/1/14)

Jupiter with Great Red Spot (4/10/14)

Waxing Gibbous Moon (4/10/14)

Tycho Crater on the Moon (4/10/14)

Light Spectra of the hot star Sirius

Photo of the Orion Constellation by Bockarie (2/27/14)

The Chromosphere of the Sun by Bb (3/21/14)

The Photosphere of the Sun by Daniel (3/20/14)

The great Orion Nebula (4/1/14)

Copernicus Crater (4/10/14)

Mars (4/10/14)

Light Spectra of the cold star Betelgeuse