ASTR116 Fall 2018
Ximei Cao, Annie Chappell, Payton Chin, Robin Fu, Shilei Fu, Morgan Glover, Albee Huang, Eric Kang, Raphael Levesque, Gloria Mi, Cleopatra Myrianthopoulos, Eva Rothenberg, Zishan Sajid, Tejan Singh, Alisia Tian, Jenna Urgo, Adam Wang, Terrence Wang, Cecilia Wang, Keri Zhang 

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Dec. 10, 2018-- Left to Right: Eva, Keri, Annie, Gloria, Cleopatra, Tejan, Jenna, Morgan, Dr. S, Albee, Adam, Shilei, Robin, Alisia, Zishan, Cecilia, Raphael, Payton, Terrence, Eric and Ximei

OBSERVING LAB #3: Constellation Cassiopeia
Monday, Oct. 29, 2018 
8:00-10:30 pm
We photographed the constellation Cassiopeia and several deep sky objects from the Oxford college soccer field

Download Your Camera Photos

3. Download the free star trails program, StarStax, for

 Wed. Oct. 24th, 2018 
We photographed the Sun from in front of the Oxford Science Building

Download the Sun Images 

1. The Sun Lab Manual
2. The Sun Lab Template Powerpoint File

Solar Features webpage
Hydrogen alpha Sun images

 Thurs. Sep. 20th, 2018 
We photographed the waxing gibbous Moon, Saturn, the Moons of Jupiter and star trails  from in front of the Oxford Science Building

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Session 1: Eva + Cleopatra + Raphael Photos
Session 1: Tejan + Jenna + Annie Photos
Session 1: Alisia + Terrence Photos

Session 2: Payton Photos
Session 2: Albee + Ximei Photos
Session 2: Keri + Gloria Photos

Session 3: Zishan+Morgan+Robin Photos
Session 3: Eric + Adam Photos
Session 3: Shilei + Cecilia Photos

1. The Moon Lab Manual
2. The Moon Lab Template Powerpoint File

Planetarium Software Needed
  1. Phone App: iPhone - SkySafari6 Plus ($4.99) or for Android - SkySafari5 Plus($7.99)